"Speaking with Katie McManus... helped us understand what we should expect from graduate school and the finer points of entering the professional theatre world after college.  Her insights about how to make connections and the necessity of creating work for yourself (especially writing your own creative content for film, TV, and/or web series) will definitely stick with me."

"...her advice was very crucial to my understanding of the industry."

"I really appreciated her perspective and her availability when it came to answering our (numerous) questions. It is nice to hear that someone else out of this department ended up pursuing further education. I am currently applying to graduate schools and feel somewhat alone in that - it is nice certainly to hear support for the decision. I have since reached out to her and made a cool connection. Bring her back again!"

"I really appreciated how opened and honest she was with us. I admired her confidence and if there's anything I took away from her, it was to keep believing and loving myself no matter what hardships I may face."

"I really enjoyed having Kate in class! ...It is extremely beneficial and encouraging to meet with successful graduates. Meeting people who have done very different things after graduating from the school helps us find a wide variety of plans we ourselves can follow."